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Jessie + Jonathan

Jessie and Jonathan wrote their own vows. They were perfect!


Jonathan, come by your generous nature honestly. The Neumanns are one of the sweetest, most loving families I have ever known. I feel honored and privileged that, in just a few short moments, I will officially be a part of this incredible family. And although you’re not changing your name, we want to officially welcome you to the Spratt family. There are, however, a few stipulations.

Do you, Jonathan Neumann, agree to:

Participate in some of the goofiest, weirdest humor, even to the point where it’s juvenile and silly?

Do you agree to re-watch movies countless times because some of us (not naming names) can’t stay awake through the whole thing?

And, last but not least, how does a lifetime supply of Midwestern love and hospitality sound?

Well then, welcome to the Spratt family. I just want to wrap up by saying the same phrase that I included in my proposal, “I love you like crazy, can I remind you every day?”


Jessica, it has taken 29 Octobers to be here together in this moment. And while that may just be a number, it does represent the passage of time. And just like the weaving of a beautiful quilt, our lives are now woven together for the rest of our days. You give me comfort, tranquility and love like no other. You do so humbly and gracefully. When I am with you I am home and at the same time I feel just like a child. We both have the blessing of growing in a home filled with love, warmth and happiness. True affirmation of what family means. I know there will be hard times and that life has a way of testing us. But with you by my side, and your hand in mine, my worries subside and all my fears melt away. You are the song my heart sings. I’m forever yours. I’ll eat you up, I love you so.

Congratulations to the Neumanns!

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