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I'm Austin.

I am usually the one behind the camera.  

I have been shooting photos since high school.  That was about 100 years ago!  

My storyteller super power is capturing your day to tell a story.  I want you to be able to share your gallery with friends and family and they can almost smell the flowers, and feel the sunshine!

In my spare time, I can usually be found outside.  On my bike, in a kayak, playing golf, enjoying baseball games, or camping!  

I shoot weddings, events, portraits, and nature.  If you will stand still long enough, I can stop time.  

Austin Stuart Photography

Christel Stuart



I'm Christel.

I am usually the one in front of the camera.  I have been officiating weddings since 2014.  My first wedding was my cousin' Costa Rica... under a waterfall.  Not a bad day at the office!  


Since 2014, I have traveled all over Texas marrying folks!  Like Austin said, "our passports are current... we will travel anywhere for your wedding!"


I am a Sagittarius and like Italian food and long walks on the beach. 

But back to you... you are looking for someone charming and professional to be your storyteller.  I'm your guy.   


I want your wedding to be personal and touching.  I want your guests to connect to your story. Falling in love is ugly.  That is what I adore about weddings.  I get to take the ugly, personal stories and make a lasting, beautiful moment out of them.   

Mari + Landon Wedding Ceremony at Creekside Wedding Venue




I'm Sarah.  

I am usually behind the scenes.  I will be the one to make sure your day runs smoothly.  Timelines are my JAM!  Spreadsheets?  I got you! 

I will corral your wedding party, and make sure that your beers are cold and your food is hot!  

Having worked in the service industry for many years, there is no wedding too large or small!  My storyteller super power is ensuring that everyone is where they need to be and they are having a great time while doing it!  From your florist to your new mother-in-law!  No story is complete without a table of contents! 





I'm Renata.  

I have over 10 years of professional wedding photography experience. Having always been drawn to light and color, My storyteller super power is being able to capture ‘the decisive moment’.

I am always seeking out or creating the best possible lighting, and work with a wide variety of professional lenses in order to provide diverse perspectives at the shoot. I bring positive energy that will engage with and delight your guests or vendors. 

I have photographed in destinations as distant as Israel, Spain, Mexico, Italy, and Brazil for artists such as BB King, Avishai Cohen, Justin Rusty Truck, & Joss Stone. Now Austin is my home and one of my great loves, “providing  the best natural studio in the world.” 

Renata Mehoves




I'm Emma.  

I am usually shoulder to shoulder with Austin, or trying to get Christel and Sarah to eat cake with me.  Because let's be honest... that's the REAL reason we all are in this business.  For the cake!

I have my own photography company, but help out Hand Heart and Crown Weddings whenever I can.  Austin and I have taken so many road trips, that all the Whataburgers in Texas know us!  

My passion is the small details.  The little things you obsessed over that you think no one will notice... I DO!  My storyteller super power is making sure that the details don't go unnoticed.  You would have never thought to hang your dress from that tree or that a photo of your shoes could be so stunning... just give them to me.  I will surprise and delight! 

Emma Sitzman


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